Charter Schools Under Attack…

What conceivable reasons are there for charter schools in NYC to be attacked other than to protect the teacher’s union?

Many of us have followed the plight of NYC Charter Schools.  They are under a vicious attack with the intention of eliminating them entirely.  How, buy kicking them out of school buildings they currently share, reversing Bloomberg era decisions to place new ones, taking away a quarter of a billion of capital funds dedicated to them and any other way Mayor DeBlasio and his band of merry men and women who have just taken office can conjure up.

These charter schools have improved children’s lives, provided an education most were not receiving in the NYC public school system, and encouraged them to become outstanding members of the community.

I defy anyone to provide a logical and realistic reason as to why the mayor and his friends are taking this position other than to please the teacher’s union.  Why?  There simply isn’t any other reason.



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