One of Your Most Dangerous Medical Risks Will Surprise You

We believe a visit to the hospital can be loosely interpreted as one of those to avoid.  We give full credit and recognize the important contribution our local hospitals provide, but simply stated, no matter what hospital in the country you may have to visit, they can be a threat.  The threat takes many forms, the simplest being bacteria and disease that exists within the hospitals walls, beds, operating and treatment rooms.  The threat continues when considering the possibility of the wrong or conflicting medications or dosage being administered, and at the extreme, would include a surgeon operating on the wrong person or body part. Just how threatening can a visit to the hospital really be… can be downright frightening.  Here are some facts.

1.   Each year it is estimated as many as 100,000 Americans die in hospitals from preventable medical mistakes;

2.  An estimated 86% of medical mistakes are not reported;

3.  HHS Study reveals one in seven Medicare patients suffered serious or long-term injuries or died as a result of hospital care, and 44% of these problems were preventable.

These are staggering statistics, but there are positive steps being taken.  And, while these are national averages, we know many local hospitals perform at a very high level of safety thus do not incur these types of percentages.  Medical Checklists are becoming commonplace and remove or reduce many surgical risks.  Patient safety advocates have been able to increase awareness and eliminate risks.

Another and perhaps the most important method of avoidance of hospital risks is “Wellness”.  That’s right, simply stated, stay well and stay out of the hospital.

Emphasizes wellness with such basics as an extensive annual physical exam and a flu shot, to reviewing your proclivity for disease from your heredity and then taking appropriate steps to avoid illness or disease and thus remove the risk from hospitalization.

“Practice” wellness and you will not need to treat illness.


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